Telling the story of Toulouse


Open and a connoisseur in the art of design, the hotel owner had one thing in mind when he built his establishment in 1989: to make Le Pier Toulouse Hotel a unique building that stands out from its architectural landscape. He took his inspiration from his travels to the United States, including to Chicago, and especially from the work of legendary architect Mies Von Der Rohe. The identity of Le Pier Toulouse Hotel would come to be as impressive as the work of his idol: “a black diamond” rises up from the Garonne river, in the heart of the Ville Rose. Bold, enigmatic and hard to miss.

Aesthetically speaking, Le Pier Toulouse Hotel occupies a special place in the Toulouse skyline. Moreover, it benefits from an exclusive geographical location facing the Garonne river, at the junction of the downtown metro line, just a few steps from the tramway connection the Blagnac airport, and in proximity to the train station.

If this “gem” has all the qualities of a multi-faceted stone, it is because Le Pier Toulouse Hotel was modeled after the city. With its dream location, unique design, high standing, quality services, and more… Le Pier Toulouse Hotel is dynamic, like Toulouse.

Beyond being a city of wining and dining, the Ville Rose is also a great place to live in every aspect. Toulouse features many great cultural and historic works to be admired. In the medical field, it is a benchmark health hub, not to mention the aerospace industry in which it excels! Need we remind you that its sports teams also hold regular spots on the podium? The level and prestige of its higher learning institutions places it among the top destinations to study… but also to party or perhaps to attend quality shows. Through ambassadors who are in love with the Ville Rose like Didier Lacroix, Nicolas Thomas, Les Chevaliers du Fiel, and Christelle Cholet, Le Pier Toulouse Hotel invites you on a journey to discover the many facets of Toulouse.