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Christelle Cholet was born in Toulouse. It’s here she got her start as a comedian and singer. Her career takes her all over France, to the point where she is more well-known in Parisian cultural hubs than in Toulouse. No one is a prophet in their own land!

You where born in Toulouse and completed your studies here. What are the places you still reflect on today?

The first one that comes to mind is the Cave Poésie, a place that means a lot to me and where I performed Tcheckov. My favorite cultural spots in my dear Ville Rose are the Halle aux Grains, which has amazing acoustics, or even concert cafés with their very unusual programs. I love to walk or ride my bike along the Canal du Midi, which is so lovely in the summer.

What symbolizes Toulouse for you?

Toulouse wouldn’t be Toulouse without its infamous Place du Capitole, where I like to wander about and discover the renowned Occitane cross! I will admit I have a passion for the Orchestre National du Capitole; it’s my dream to collaborate with them some day! I have a confession to make… When walking by the must-see Wilson square and its iconic cinema, UGC, I thought back to my younger days working there as an usherette! I heard about it closing down, which marks the end of an important chapter for the people of Toulouse.

What are some other personal locations for you?

The classic but sublime Saint-Sernin basilica, where I surprisingly find myself humming Nougaro songs…

When I have some free time, I enjoy having the most amazing evenings at Casino Barrière, where I have performed, as well as at 3T, Gabriel Péri road, near the Jean Jaurés metro station.

What makes Toulouse unique?

Its friendliness, its light and its colors… That, to me, is the common denominator of all these incredible places in Toulouse. An artistic richness and that accent I miss so much…

Christelle Chollet, 20 March, at Bascala in Bruguières

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