Toulouse and a festive atmosphere


The connection between sports and “living well” is practically a given for many rugby men, even elite level players. Didier Lacroix, now President of the Toulouse Stadium, invites us to discover the sporty and festive side of the city.

Aside from a drink at the stadium brasserie, you also enjoy a good meal. What are your favorite places to eat?

First, to do some shopping, and within walking distance of Le Pier Toulouse Hotel, I recommend the Toulouse markets: Carmes, Victor Hugo, Saint-Cyprien halls. These are wonderful sites to visit for those of you who appreciate good products. The well-developed selection helps you discover authentic regional flavors. Here, you will also find several of the city’s terraces, which I’ve been known to enjoy. As for restaurants, my favorite spots include Towing, Emulation Nautique, Chez Tone, Chez Monsieur Georges, Carmen, etc. I was thrilled to find another wonderful table at the Le Pier Hotel restaurant.

Have you always been a foodie?

I was born in the food industry. My father started his career as a pig farmer, and my brother continues to run the family business in food product distribution. Searching for good local products is an obsession, like knowing when a truffle is ripe or having a seasonal vegetable harvest. Several Michelin-star chefs are joining the movement: Michel Sarran and Stéphane Tournié, the Jardins de l’Opéra, located downtown. Further away, you have Bernard Bach in Pujaudran, Le Puits St-Jacques, Jérémy Morin in Montrabé, l’Aparté, or even Frank Renimel in Aureville, En Marge.

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